API Integration

Api Integration

The API was designed to allow you to easily integrate a monitoring system with a Service in Softweb Technology. Monitoring systems generally send out events when problems are detected and when these problems have been resolved (fixed). Some more advanced systems also understand the concept of acknowledgements: problems can be acknowledged by an engineer to signal he or she is working on fixing the issue. Since monitoring systems emit events, the API is based around accepting events. Incoming events (sent via the API) are routed to a Softweb Tecnology service and processed. They may result in a new incident being created, or an existing incident being acknowledged or resolved. The same event-based API can also be used to integrate a Softweb Technology service with ticketing systems and various other software tools.

Why Use the API

Customers use the API to integrate their marketing, analytics, and other business software with the ExactTarget software to create a more powerful and customized business solution. For example, marketers integrate ExactTarget with their CRM software to create a single point-of-access for their marketing efforts. They can send ExactTarget emails to their CRM contacts from within their CRM program because the ExactTarget API allows the code in the CRM system to perform the operation of sending an email. Customers can also use the API to automate some procedures. For example, triggered emails (messages that are sent in response to a subscriber action, such as submitting a registration form or completing an online purchase) depend heavily on the API. A client creates code in their website to identify when an event occurs that should trigger an email and then uses the ExactTarget API calls to send the appropriate email.


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Softweb Technology Solutions

Softweb Technology is a Professional web designing and web development company in Bangalore, which is offers a full facility for designing a website at a reasonable price. We are award-winning web design and digital marketing company working since 2014, completing years in the Web designing industry providing flawless services in website development, creative logo designs, online marketing, Website redesigning techniques and even advanced classified portal development with our web development experts in Bangalore.

Website Designing


  • Branding: Since it’s your site, you set the design, which affords you the flexibility to optimize the user experience in ways that directly support your business model and brand-related goals. There’s no competition on your website, just a branded experience that you direct yourself.
  • IT and Engineering Jurisdiction: When you control your own site, you have complete jurisdiction over its code, hosting environment, page count, content, plug-ins and more. Just as I mentioned above with regard to branding — here too you have the elasticity required to make small or sweeping adjustments at will, an advantage you don’t get with third-party websites. With sites like Facebook, you can change minor graphics and some content but not code, navigation scheme, server speed or the graphic user interface.
  • Content: Speaking of content, more of it can be found on your own website than on a third-party utility or platform, and none of it competes side-by-side for your visitor’s attention. Create compelling and useful content that speaks to why someone is visiting your site and you stand a higher chance of that visitor taking action with respect to your products or services. And since inventory (i.e., web pages) is virtually unlimited on a site under your control, you have ample opportunity to add additional content and calls-to-action in the format you deem most appropriate.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): If garnering multiple, relevant and highly positioned placements in the SERPs (search engine result pages) is part of your sales and marketing strategy, a website is a must. When properly coded and managed, your site delivers natural and sustaining search results that drive qualified traffic to the exact pages on your site where you want visitors to be.
  • Analytics: While many social utilities, platforms and networks provide access to data related to demographics associated with who accesses your profile and how often they do so, website analytic tools go much deeper. They can provide you with the type of business intelligence you need to determine in real-time how your online marketing performs and stacks up against the competition.


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