API Integration

Api Integration

The API was designed to allow you to easily integrate a monitoring system with a Service in Softweb Technology. Monitoring systems generally send out events when problems are detected and when these problems have been resolved (fixed). Some more advanced systems also understand the concept of acknowledgements: problems can be acknowledged by an engineer to signal he or she is working on fixing the issue. Since monitoring systems emit events, the API is based around accepting events. Incoming events (sent via the API) are routed to a Softweb Tecnology service and processed. They may result in a new incident being created, or an existing incident being acknowledged or resolved. The same event-based API can also be used to integrate a Softweb Technology service with ticketing systems and various other software tools.

Why Use the API

Customers use the API to integrate their marketing, analytics, and other business software with the ExactTarget software to create a more powerful and customized business solution. For example, marketers integrate ExactTarget with their CRM software to create a single point-of-access for their marketing efforts. They can send ExactTarget emails to their CRM contacts from within their CRM program because the ExactTarget API allows the code in the CRM system to perform the operation of sending an email. Customers can also use the API to automate some procedures. For example, triggered emails (messages that are sent in response to a subscriber action, such as submitting a registration form or completing an online purchase) depend heavily on the API. A client creates code in their website to identify when an event occurs that should trigger an email and then uses the ExactTarget API calls to send the appropriate email.


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  • eBay Shopping API
  • eBay Merchandising API
  • getUserMedia API
  • eBay Client Alerts API
  • routine
  • VAPI
  • Message Passing Interface

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