Api Integration

The API was designed to allow you to easily integrate a monitoring system with a Service in Softweb Technology. Monitoring systems generally send out events when problems are detected and when these problems have been resolved (fixed). Some more advanced systems also understand the concept of acknowledgements: problems can be acknowledged by an engineer to signal he or she is working on fixing the issue. Since monitoring systems emit events, the API is based around accepting events. Incoming events (sent via the API) are routed to a Softweb Tecnology service and processed. They may result in a new incident being created, or an existing incident being acknowledged or resolved. The same event-based API can also be used to integrate a Softweb Technology service with ticketing systems and various other software tools.


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Social media network marketing or viral internet marketing, refers to internet marketing techniques that harness the power of social networks and social bookmarking directories such as Twitter and Facebook to create a buzz for your website, product, or service.


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